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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Why We Do It

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Wisdom teeth are your final set of molars that grow in between the ages of 16 and 20. They are the third set to grow in, and they come at a more mature or “wiser” stage of life than your other molars, thus the name “wisdom teeth.”

Wisdom teeth typically need to be removed because there is not enough room for them to fully fit in the mouth. Keeping them can cause multiple serious dental issues that are fixed by removing them and giving your other teeth plenty of space.

Wisdom teeth removal is a very common procedure for oral surgeons. While we don’t have oral surgeons in our office, we partner with and refer out to Colorado Oral Surgery Group and Mile High Dental & Implant Centers for oral surgery services.

Does Everyone Need to Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Some people are lucky enough to not develop wisdom teeth. However, many that do can face significant issues if the teeth don’t set properly. If your wisdom teeth have grown in incorrectly and aren’t removed, you can experience pain, swelling, stiffness, damage to other teeth, and even jaw damage. When wisdom teeth get stuck in the gums, they are much more difficult to clean. This can lead to decay and gum disease if left untreated.

When your wisdom teeth make their first appearance, it’s recommended to see your dentist to determine what the course of action should be. Many times, early removal is the best choice to bypass the undesirable side effects.

Visit An Oral Surgeon

When you visit Kip Dental, we can help determine whether you need to see an oral surgeon. In some cases, tooth extractions can be handled at our office. Depending on which surgery services you may need, we will be able to set you up with the excellent teams at Colorado Oral Surgery Group or Mile High Dental & Implant Centers.

Not sure if you need to see an oral surgeon? Call our office at 720-608-5557 or contact us online.