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If you’ve tried drugstore whitening systems but were underwhelmed by the results, have no fear: whiter teeth are an office visit away! With our whitening services, we can help get rid of tooth staining and give you a smile you can be confident about — with no need to give up your coffee!

How Does it Work?

We offer two options for professional teeth whitening: in-office treatment and take-home trays.

Whitening System Treatment Time Cost
In-Office One 60 minute office visit $390
Take-Home Once a day for 45 minutes for 2-5 weeks $199

In-office Treatment

Our in-office teeth whitening is the most potent and effective treatment option. Your Littleton CO dentist will apply gel to your teeth, then go over them with a laser. This treatment typically lasts for several years but can be supplemented with take-home trays to touch up as needed.

At-Home Tray Whitening

The less expensive option, at-home tray whitening begins with your dentist taking impressions of your teeth. You’ll then be provided with customized trays to wear at home for 30-60 minutes at a time. Occasional touch-up treatments can also be done to extend the life of your whitening.

Bright Rewards Breakdown
You begin by getting fitted for a custom bleaching tray. You’ll also be provided two tubes of whitening gel (a $200 value).

  • Take the trays home and wear them daily. Wear them either 2x a day for 30 minutes or once a day for 45 minutes.
  • Begin to see a difference in just 5 days. In total, the treatment usually lasts 2-8 weeks.
  • Get a FREE tube of whitening gel (a $40 value) at each of your six-month cleanings.

Bright Rewards Forms

Bright Rewards Enrollment Form
Bright Rewards Consent Form

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Ready to See Your Whitest Teeth Yet?

Call our office at 720-608-5557 to schedule your whitening appointment. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and help you choose the treatment that’s best for you.